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Don Mills Denture Clinic has been serving the Don Mills community and the greater Toronto area since 1990. Established by Harry N. Seebaran DD, aesthetic, well-fitting functioning dentures has been a standard of quality and service since graduating in 1983. Professionalism and patient education has been vital in the success of all denture treatment provided at the clinic. These standards and utmost care to our patients is what contributes to the success of our treatment. We believe your smile is the most important thing you wear.

Call us to set up a complimentary consultation and experience the difference. We will listen to your experience and assess through an examination the appropriate services required prior to developing a treatment plan for you.

We strive to improve our patient’s quality of life. We are happy to work with your existing oral health care provider to provide you the best treatment.


Denturist / Owner


Denturist / Owner

Harry Seebaran graduated from George Brown College, Toronto in 1983. Upon receiving his license from the College of Denturists of Ontario, he worked at Dental and Denture Clinics throughout Southern Ontario before opening his own shop in 1990. He is an active member of the Denturist Association of Ontario and the Denturist Association of Canada. Harry also currently serves on the Program Advisory Committee for the Denturist Program at George Brown College.

For the past 35 years, Harry has strived to provide the best possible services to his patients. Today he remains up to date with continuing education courses so that he can continue to offer well-fitting functional aesthetic dentures utilizing the latest technology. He strongly believes that patient education is vital to the success of any denture treatment and that each patient is unique and should thus be offered a customized denture treatment.

Erissa Denturist Toronto




Erissa  Graduated  from  George  Brown  College  with  Honours  receiving  the  Dean’s  Medal  Award  and  was  recognized  with  the  Ben  Sweet  Memorial  Award  presented  by  the  Denturist  Association  of  Ontario.    Erissa  has  lectured  for  the  NDA  (National  Denturist  Association  of  America),  Spectrum  Day  (North  America’s  Premier  Dental  Techno-Clinical  Event)  and  at  PACE  (Prosthodontic  Associates  Centre  for  Excellence).    She has contributed to a publication in Spectrum Denturism Magazine for 3D printed digital dentures and continues to pursue research and development in the Denturism field. While she is committed to life long continuing education to improve her clinical and technical skills, Erissa also continues to pursue advancements in Denturism where she can help improve her patients quality of life. Erissa is passionate about her community and provides patient care in clinic and to those who cannot access the clinic; offering house calls to nursing homes, hospitals or retirement homes.
Erissa belongs to the College of Denturists of Ontario and is a member of both the Denturist Association of Canada and the Denturist Association of Ontario. She is also a member of the Program Advisory Committee for Denturism at George Brown College.
Outside of work, Erissa enjoys spending time with her family and friends and likes to keep active with swimming, tennis and kayaking during the warmer months.

Why Choose A Denturist

Denturists  are part of the dental health team which specifically provides denture care through independent practitioners in the province of Ontario.
The quality of prosthodontic services offered by a Denturist contributes to the improvement of a patient’s oral health and quality of life.
The value of this service is in its effectiveness in replacing tooth function while preserving the oral tissues supporting the prosthesis.
In fabricating removable prostheses, various steps and technical procedures are necessary in order to esnure the highest quality of service possible. Many different types of dentures can be fabricated, therefore the fees will vary according to the technical procedures involved and the degree of skill required.*

Our Mission

At Don Mills Denture Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing each patient with the highest quality of service and delivering aesthetic, well-fitting functioning dentures. Replacing your tooth function while preserving the oral tissues supporting your dentures is just as important to us as your smile. Our Denturist, Harry Seebaran, will custom fabricate your dentures on premises, thereby making the process seamless, detailed and precise. Your tooth size, shape and colour will all be customized to your liking. We want to help you eat, smile and speak with confidence!

House Calls

At Don Mills Denture Clinic we care about our community, including those patients who cannot access the clinic. We can accommodate you by providing all your denture care needs in your home, retirement residence, nursing home or hospital. More information is available upon request. Please call to speak with a clinician about a possible house call.


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